Good Smoothies Are Nutrient-Dense and Contain Fat

The best smoothies are nutrient-dense, providing vitamins and oils necessary for good nutrition. Fat is required for biological functions and burned by your body for energy; a good smoothie should have some dietary fat. Simply blending a banana with ice and skim milk does not make a good smoothie; there is almost no fat for the body to use in assimilating the vitamins, and there is little nutritive content at all. A healthy smoothie contains egg yolks, coconut oil, cream or other nutrient-dense foods. Smoothies are a great, simple way to get in the extra nutrition you nee.

Smoothies Help Keep You Hydrated

A smoothie for breakfast helps you get hydrated at the start of the day, something soda and coffee won't do. Since your body pulls water from many foods in order to stay hydrated, you won't have to drink water when you're sipping on a smoothie (especially a homemade one without sugar). Milk and yogurt are largely water, so if your smoothie is dairy-based, you'll quench your thirst. This is especially handy if you only have one cup holder on your commute. In hot weather, add a few ice cubes to the blender for extra water.

Milk-Based Smoothies Provide Calcium

Smoothies made with dairy products as the bulk provide calcium for bone strength. Try whole milk, whole milk yogurt or kefir. The cultured milk products are good sources of pro-biotic and live cultures. Eight ounces of milk provide almost a third of your daily requirement of calcium. Choose whole milk products rather than skim for optimal nutrition. The health benefits are questionable at best, while whole milk contains the fat and vitamins needed to assimilate calcium and protein found in milk.

Smoothies Make a Healthy Breakfast on the Go

A homemade smoothie for your morning meal is an excellent, on-the-go breakfast choice. You can make it in minutes before you leave the house and sip it on your way to work, school or your home office. Drinking a smoothie in the morning keeps you from indulging in empty carbohydrates in the form of donuts and removes the temptation of the drive through. If you have trouble taking cod liver oil by itself, add a teaspoon to your smoothie--you'll never notice the difference and you'll add a great dose of essential fatty acids as well as vitamins to your nutritious morning meal. In fact, a nutritious smoothie packs more usable nutrition than most multivitamins.


Drinking fruit smoothies can help you reach the recommended intake of fiber, which is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. One serving of fruit typically contains two to four grams of fiber with blackberries, pears and apples having the highest concentration of five to seven grams per serving. The soluble fiber found in fruit helps slow digestion and may help control blood sugar and lower cholesterol.
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