Our Menu

Welcome one and all to our Menu section, please select from one of our tantalizing options to the right to find out more about our exciting meals and side dishes!
Breakfast Items:
Tomato & Cheese Toast in Wholemeal Bread   $4.00
Chef’s Choice Breakfast Wrap of the Day
Croissant, Cheese/Tomato   $5.00
Home Made Apple Strudel   $4.50
Sweet Muffin of the day   $4.50
Savory Muffin of the day   $4.50
Roast & Hot Selection:
 Olio's Braised Short Ribs w/ Dukkah & Orange Zest
24hours Slow Roast Beef w/ Dijon & Herb Crust   $12.00
Filipino  Style BBQ Inasal   $11.00
Olio's grilled Chilli Chicken Peppers
Gravy & Sauce Selections:
Creamy Garlic Gravy
Rosemary Gravy
Sweet Fruit Chutney
Extra Sauce
Side Dishes:
Filipino style Garlic Java Rice   $2.00
Roasted Root Vegetables   $3.50
Battered Chips  w/ Sweet chilli aioli   $3.00
Hot Dog & Roast on rolls w/ Beer Battered Crispy Chips:
Olio's OZ Mate Dog   $10.00
Olio's Con Carne Dog   $10.00
American Hotdog   $10.00
Roast Beef W/ Choice of Daily Baked Bread
Sauces: American Dijon, BBQ Sauce, Tomato sauce, Sweet Chilli & Coriander, Chilli Sauce, Plain Mayonnaise, Pesto mayonnaise, Chili Con Carne    
Wraps & Sandwiches:
*Wraps: Spinach, Tomato, Wholemeal & Normal White*
*Loaf: Small White, Wholemeal, Multigrain, Wholemeal Rye
*Rolls: Long White, Rye & Oats, French Baguette, Baby Turkish
*Pan Bread: Onion Bread
*Breakfast: Croissant, Apple Strudel.
Salmon, Avocado & Cream Cheese   $8.50
Roasted Pumpkin, Spinach & Fetta   $7.90
Roast Beef & Onion Jam   $7.90
Turkey, Spinach & Sweet Chutney   $7.90
Olio’s Crumbed Chicken Caesar Wrap   $7.90
Dijonnaise Chicken   $7.90
Spiced Egg Sandwich   $7.90
Turkey & Avocado Sandwich   $7.90
Spicy Tuna Sandwich   $7.90
Condiments: Avocado, Red Onion Ring, Onion Jam, Tomato, Boiled eggs, Jalapeno, Beetroot, Lettuce, Gherkins, Cucumber, Carrots Sliced, Cheeses & Shredded Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Turkey, Chilli Con carné.    
Salads Selection:
Traditional Caesar Salad R$6.00 L$8.00
Zucchini & Pasta Salad R$6.00 L$8.00
Potato,Celery&Cilantro R$6.00 L$8.00
Piri-piri Chicken & Avocado R$6.00 L$8.00
Garden Tossed Salad R$6.00 L$8.00
Roasted Pumpkin & Spinach R$6.00 L$8.00
Asian Beef Noodle Salad R$6.00 L$8.00
Dressing Selections: Beetroot & Apple Cider Dressing, Honey, Carrot mustard Dressing, Sesame & Mango Dressing, Olio’s Asian Dressing. Pesto Mayonnaise
Fresh Fruit Mania:    
Watermelon, Lemongrass & Vanilla   $5.50
Grapes & Lime   $5.50
Mango, Orange, Ginger & Mango Popping Boba   $5.50
Banana, Apple & Vanilla   $5.50
Apple, Carrots, Celery & Yoghurt popping Boba   $5.50
Exotic Refreshing Smoothies:    
Mango Cyclone - Mango, Orange, Banana, Vanilla & Mango Popping Boba   $6.50
Romantic Berries - Mixed Berries, Strawberries, Plain Yoghurt, Banana   $6.50
Cloud Nine - Banana, Vanilla Sorbet, Milk Chocolate   $6.50
Tropical Delight - Passion fruit, Kiwi, Coconut, Green Apple Popping Boba   $6.50
Watermelon Chiller - Watermelon, Vanilla Sorbet, Lemongrass   $6.50
Evergreen - Avocado, Banana, Spinach, honey   $6.50
Purifier -  Apple, Carrots, Celery, Orange & Popping Boba   $6.50
Add a scoop of whey powder to any smoothie   $2.00
Soda, Bottled Drinks:    
Ice Tea   $2.50
Coke Diet, Classic, Zero
Water   $2.50
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water   $3.00
Aqua Panna Distilled Water   $3.00
Limonata   $2.80
Anaciata   $2.80
Anaciata Rosa
Chinotto   $2.80
Daily orange and mango   $3.50
Juice Orange Pless Pop Top   $3.50
MACS Green Apple   $3.50
MACS Lemon Crush   $3.50
Cappuccino   $4.00
Flat Write   $4.00
Café Latte   $4.00
Mocha   $4.00
Short Macchiato
Long Macchiato   $4.50
Chai Latte   $4.00
Hot Chocolate   $4.00
Long Black   $4.00
Espresso   $3.50
Ice Coffee   $4.50
Soy Milk/Syrup Shoots/Extras   $1.00
Decaf Santa Rosa Blend   $1.00
Philippines Best Halo-Halo - Snow Ice, Banana Glaze, Macapuno, Jackfruit Compote, Sweetened Taro Milk, Leche Flan (Seasonal Ice Cream)   $7.00
Belgian Waffle - Homemade Belgian Waffles, Sauce (Chocolate Ganache/Peanut butter/ Caramel Syrup)   $7.50

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